Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family weddings are so much fun!

My niece got married on Saturday. What a fantastic day it was. It was a real 'boeretroue' (I don't know how to translate that. Literally it would be a farmers wedding, but that is not what it is at all - maybe old school? Somebody help, please!) The reception was in the church hall and all the food, flowers, cake, decorations were made by the bride's family. Her uncle baked the cake. Mom's sister did the flowers and her mom and stepdad made all the food. I think this photo says exactly what kind of day it was. A day filled with joy about two young people who still believe in marriage. So often today people are so busy trying to find the best venue, the best photographer, the best caterer that they forget what it is all about.
This is the bride and her father, my brother in law.

This was Hannah's first experience of a wedding. She has only been to a couple of funerals when close family members passed away. She did not know what to expect at all and when we got to the church, she asked her mom, in a very loud voice: "Mommy, do we HAVE to cry?" Needless to say, there were lots of smiles all round.
When she saw the bride, she was completely bowled over. She came to me at the reception and asked if people were allowed to speak to the lady. When I said yes, she wanted to know if it was allowed to touch her at all. I took her to Wilma and said that Hannah just wanted to say hallo. Bless her heart, Wilma bent down and gave her a big hug. That sealed it, Wilma had a shadow for the rest of the night.
When we said grace I happened to peek at Hannah to see what she was doing and could not help myself. I had to quickly snap this photo. I am sure God will forgive me for this one.
The next photo is of my two youngest with their cousin. Wilma is exactly a year younger than Ankie and her brothers are the same age as Juan and one between them, which meant that they were very close growing up. It is such a gift to have cousins.The last photo is just here because I am very proud of myself for managing to take it. I saw the snail in the church garden and just snapped it.

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  1. Nothing quite like family. So glad you enjoyed the wedding.