Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So proud of this girl.

When did it happen? When did my little girl grow up? Yesterday my baby graduated. What an honour to be there and watch her walk on the stage. Three years of very hard work being rewarded.
Wish you could have been there to see the look of utter confusion an her face when she was shown to her seat in the very front row, far away from her friends and classmates. DH asked me what was going on, but I did not have a clue either. After the whole ceremony, when we asked her why she had to sit there, she said that they told her she was a disabled student. She was horrified! We never once told her that Epilepsy was a disability! Well, actually, I never considered it to be a disability. It is just something that we all had to deal with as best we could.
It was the very first time in her life that somebody had ever refered to her as disabled. In fact, most people are usually very shocked when she tells them about her Epilepsy. She has had comments like" "You don't look like somebody with Epilepsy" Duh! What does a person with Epilepsy look like? Usually new coaches (who absolutely has to be informed) look at her with total confusion. "Oh, but are you sure you should be playing then" some of them have said. Comments like those really hurt her, because she works very hard at everything she does. We decided a long time ago that she was going to focus on things she can do, in stead of moaning about things she can't! She has proven to everybody that there is NOTHING a person with Epilepsy can't do.
So proud of you my dear Ankie. This is the first step in achieving your ultimate goal. I have every faith in you that you will achieve that goal too! Love you!


  1. Hi Tertia. I second every word you say about Epilepsy!!! Lots of people who suffer from it can and do have a normal life. Why do they have to be 'branded'! Well done and congrats to your daughter Ankie. You go girl!

  2. I have a friend of mine that she is a very successful and educated woman.
    She suffers from epilepsy.
    Congrats to your daughter Ankie. She rocks!
    Loved this post:) Thank you!
    Betty xx

  3. You should be proud of her! She looks like a very sweet girl! Hug her again for me! Congrats to her! Best, Curt