Thursday, December 9, 2010

And baby makes 5.

Just a very quick post to tell you all that baby number two -little Gemma - was born yesterday at 9h30 in the morning. She weighed 3.3kg and is only 49cm long. Short and chubby, like her ouma. Just loading a quick pic of the family, my DD, SIL, Luke and Hannah with little Gemma. All so very proud.
Gemma was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her little neck. Thank God that there was no serious injury. Mom and baby are both doing very well and should be able to come home today.
The title of my post? Not obvious to you? There are now 5 members to the Webber family, but also... and this is the great part, we now have 5 grandchildren! I knew I would be rewarded some day for not killing my kids during puberty!
Gotta run, have to take DD no 1 to the dr. for a check up and then have to fetch Hannah and Luke from school, and I have to finish the curtains for Gemma's cot TODAY (hanging my head in shame because its not done yet), hopefully before she gets home from the hospital.
Have a great day everybody, if there is time later (and I can muster up the energy) I will post pics of cards made this week.


  1. Baie geluk Ouma van 5;-D Hulle gee darem baie plesier ne?

  2. Congratulations Tertia! how lucky to have such beautiful grandchildren:)
    thanks for popping in on my blog:)

  3. Congratulations,have a wonderful and joyous Christmas with your family!!!