Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Peace.. at last!

My DH and son are off to play gholf (in the rain), Ankie has slept over at a friends after a house warming party, so I do not expect her home early. Daniela is still not allowed to drive and Karin celebrated her birthday yesterday, so no chance of them visiting early today. Peace and quiet at last! (Does that sound very selfish?) I have not done much in the line of crafting since my two grandchildren were born - I have been too busy playing and then there was Gemma's cot curtains that needed to be made and my own net curtains kinda disintegrated from old age and needed to be replaced in a hurry (Don't you just hate making curtains?) And then, Daniela is not allowed to drive after the baby and her DH works in Polokwane, so ouma had to do all the driving around for her, and then it was Christmas and then DH's birthday on the 26th and DD (Karin's) birthday yesterday.... so you understand why I have been MIA. Here they are, the two cousins on Christmas day. Aren't they just adorable? Wearing their shirts, designed and made by their uncle, just for them. These shirts have become a tradition in our family. Every baby that is born, gets one from him. For those of you that don't understand the Afrikaans, it reads: 'My uncle is the best"
And the back says,: 'no really, he is the best.' Cause for a lot of laughs and comments, but you don't understand... I wish I had an uncle like him. His very first salary ever, the first thing he did was buy toys for all the nieces and nephews. He gives the most amazing gifts. The kids all adore him. He is the only young man I know, that will take three kids under 8 to the circus or the zoo for the day, or on the Gautrain all on his own.(Can you tell I am proud of my son?) My biggest wish for him? That he will meet a wonderful girl and have his own children one day.

Here he is! The proud uncle, holding both babies! He would not give them back to their mothers untill they needed feeding and then he did so reluctantly! They were fascinated by him and kept looking at him. Eventually they both fell asleep in his arms.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and did a lot more crafting than me. I hope to get something done today and will be back to show you soon,
Have a wonderful day everybody.


  1. You have been busy Tertia... Your grandchildren are adorable!!! Just too sweet !!!! Now it's time to relax and do what you want to do. Enjoy ;)

  2. What lovely family time, but yes I also know what it feels like to just have a bit of quiet. Enjoy!!!. The babies are so gorgeous and how lucky they all ar to have an uncle like that.

  3. Dear God all of the things you were doing made me tired just reading about it all! Those babies are precious. But your son is not only amazing with kids, he has a wonderful sense of humor. What a great guy! Thanks for sharing! Best, Curt