Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW - What a day it was!

Nothing crafty to show today, in fact, there is not even a desk for WOYWW, but I did not want to let you down, so I loaded some more holiday pics for you. School started today and I have been so busy preparing for the new year that crafting had to take a back seat. If you came here to see my desk, then go to Julia's blog and I am sure you will find lots of desks to peek at.
On this photo you will see my illusive third child, the only boy and the one that HATES cameras. I am very lucky to have caught him this time. In front of him you will see a very empty plate. That plate contained our dinner and let me tell you, what a dinner that was! I am so very proud of my beautiful boy (I know, all mothers are proud of their children) This boy works for one of the best landscape architects in South Africa. He absolutely loves his job and even though he has on occasion worked for 48 hours straight, he never complains. When there is a crisis, he is the one they call, any time - day or night. For the last 3 years he has been earning very little money and finally decided that he needed to spread his wings and apply for another job. Just before his company closed for the year he was called in by the CEO and given a 100percent increase in salary! He was told that they were aware of how much he meant to the company and would like to reward him accordingly. In this economic time I think this is really a question of being rewarded for doing the right thing with passion.

He was so excited he actually cried a bit. When we went on holiday he said that he wanted to take his dad and me out to a very special dinner to thank us for supporting him and believing in him. The view you see here is from our table at 'Die Walskipper" a restaurant in Jeffreys Bay. It is on the beach, you can't wear shoes when you go there, because the tables are literally ON the beach.

It was my first time eating Oysters, not something I would do every day, but very interesting.

Look at that seafood platter! Enough to drool over. It was fantastically well prepared and so much that I thought they would have to get an ambulance to get me to the car. LOL

The drinks were served in tin mugs! Glass could be lethal if it broke and pieces were left in the sand.
Today was a typical firsrt day of the year at school - it felt about a week long! Getting to know new girls and getting all the admin out of the way. On top of that DH's car broke down which meant that I had to get up at 4h30 this morning to take him to work before school and drive back to fetch him this afternoon in peak hour traffic (the things we do for love!)

Have a great week everybody, I hope to have something way more interesting and crafty to show you next time.


  1. Now that is one amazing raise! And yes, he is giving the camera the evil eye, isn't he? Well done to your son on a job well done!

  2. The food looks delicious. The restaurant looks fun and what a raise! I'm glad he was rewarded for all his hard work.

  3. I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW

    LOu P

  4. It is wonderful to hear you sing the praises of your son. You have all the right to be proud of him. I haven't been to that restaurant...but I love the Viswijf which is also on the beach at Jeffreys.

  5. I love that about your lovely son, modest to the point of discomfort, and working with a passion, no wonder you're proud! Oh I so love restaurants like this, casual, caring and superb...thanks for sharing this experience!

  6. Nice to get to know your son! Congrats to him!!!

  7. I'm so glad blogger is working today. I tried to leave a comment last week but wasn't able. Mr. Blogger was not behaving at all. I have the same problem when trying to take pictures of my kids too. What is it? If they don't let us take pictures there isn't going to be anything to share with anyone in the years to come. That's my line anyways. Look at that seafood!!! Yummy! Congratulations going out to your son. It's nice to see hard work recognized!!! You have every right to be proud!!!!