Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOYWW -- Don'u like this getting old thing one bit!

I said to myself: "Self, if you post this picture sudeways, maybe people will think its artistic!" So that is exactly what I did. Did it work or does it still look like a hot mess? For somebody who has no time to craft, I sure can accumulate a whole lot of 'mess' (I prefer to call it essential crafty bits. LOL)
I really had no time to craft, but... I did go to Hobby ex and bought some really awesome new goodies. A whole lot of new dies (I had to test them out - hence the mess), a few (2) new stamps, some paper and a few (100!?) flowers.
I also recieved my mini caed swap in the mail this week and I am blown away! Amazing to think that 25 people can make such amazing cards and they are all different! My favourite one was this one by Kim, well actually my favourite one changes every time I look at them, but this one is incredible! The card is only 3x3 inches and those flowers are 3D!!! How cool is that!?

Getting to the title of my post in a round about way today. Yesterday, while on the school run, I had the following conversation with my 5yo granddaughter:

'Ouma', she says. 'When I am big, I am going to teach at StDominic's'

"That's nice Tertia-Lee', I said, 'then you and I can work together'

The look she gave me was priceless! She then said: 'No ouma. whne you die, I'll get your classroom'

Nothing quite like a 5yo to give you a reality check is there?

That conversation on top of my last drs appointment, made me decide I do NOT like getting old. Went to the dr. with a mysterious, but very bad pain just under the ribs on my right side. Been having it for a year or so and it is really getting to the point where I can not function when it hits me. Dr. checks everything and declares me healthy! Now I wonder, what the hell is the pain? Could it be what we call 'iepiekonders' in Afrikaans? (An imaginary illness that happens to pathetic people) Or, is it just old age creeping up on me?
I don't know, but either way I DO NOT LIKE GETTING OLD!

Have a great week everybody and don't forget to visit Julia at for more crafty and arty desks. Some are very neat.


  1. Just love that conversation with your granddaughter!!

  2. So lanklaas daai woord gehoor! Iepiekonders!
    Pragtige kaartjie!

  3. Lovely card and I am with you about the aches and pains that just arrive with age. Not fair.

  4. Stunning card, yea lots of aches & pains the joys of getting older! Loved your wee talk with your Grandchild (lol) they are so funny!! Have a good week, Hugs May x x x

  5. Beautiful card and I love how you have turned your photo! I have to agree, this getting old lark is just no fun at times [[hugs]]

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  6. No, getting old is no fun but it does give you more excuses to spend time in your craft room! Love the 3 x 3 card, stunning. Regards, Anne #85

  7. I think your desk looks fab from all angles - arty or messy! Love that dress - such pretty colours and a great design! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW...Sarah at 1

  8. Haha...jou kleindogter het nie net jou naam geerf nie, sy erf sommer jou klaskamer ook. Jou werksarea is tipies van 'n kunstenaar;-)

  9. its brilliant, good tip, note to self, take piccie on the side lol x

    thanks for the peep
    judie xx

  10. Oh yes,,,me too,,,I love those granddaughter conversations. I try to write them down in a little journal! Cool work desk! love all the great supplies for playing with!

  11. Love your pics, of course it's not a mess but crafty essentials! Take care, enjoy this WOYWW & I'm off to snoop some more! Wonder how many I'll get round today? Zo xx 60

  12. Getting old is bad for you, I'm convinced of it! And, what's more, I consider it unfair that nature has arranged things this way - I get more like a creaking gate every year :) Love the conversation with your granddaughter. Not sure I like the sideways view of your desk - I've got a crick in my neck now :) Hope you are having a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #21

  13. Well, that certainly is an artistic shot of your desk this week!

    Loving the card, I can why it’s one of your favorites and such a pretty colour too.

    And I can sympathize over the aches and pains, my knees and hip have been giving gyp ever since I did a bit of gardening at the weekend.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue H

  14. I think your workspace looks great!! And I am loving that card you made!

  15. LOVE your conversation with your granddaughter! Talk about telling it like it is! And I love your table too, messy or not, it always makes me smile with that bright pop of colour.

    Brenda 6

  16. looks a busy desk once i turned my laptop around to see it :) happy crafting,x

  17. The picture is *very* artistic, hehe. I love the card too.
    Aeryn @ #68

  18. Great desk shot-I just turned my Ipad sideways so I could snoop even further. You have some lovely things on that desk.

  19. Aw, first I'm smiling because your grandaughter is named for you and walks in your footsteps..and then I'm really are just keeping the route warm for her!! Bless her, they have a way! Desk shot is great..I always tink it looks much tidier at an arty angle. Still, yours isn't's just got stuff on it...there is a difference...I know this since I'm staring at my own brand of chaos just now!

  20. Love all that beautiful craft goodness on and around your desk! And your GD comments made me chuckle!

    happy woyww

    Deb 104

  21. I love the logic of children, it is priceless. As for the desk shot, not sure about the artistic, but I did have a stiff neck after examining it closely - something to do with ageing bones and muscles. A friend of ours has a theory, your body has a chip in it that starts all these supposedly age related ailments when you reach this date or that date. I think he is right. Even the optician said my deteriorating eyesight is due to my birthday. Gee, thanks!! Never mind, we will all crawl to the weekly Wednesday meeting for a while longer. Have a good week. xx Maggie #8

  22. Like the artistic shot Tertia.
    Am also starting to have a few aches and pains ...hope yours have improved?