Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOYWW - I got distracted!

I was cleaning, I promise I was. I just happened to see all this cool stuff that I forgot about and decided to have a little play and now... well, as you can see, it still looks like a tip, just worse than last week.
There was (actually thare still is a sale at Herbert Evans) my all time favourite art shop and they are selling Copics for 40% less, so I just HAD to get some more, and then I just HAD to play with my new Digi stamps That were on discount on account of Kit and Clowder reaching 3000 fans on facebook.

And then?.... Well... then there was this fun colour along video that I just had to look at and play along with, so you see, it really isn't my fault that my room is so messy!
Thought I would also show you a fun photo of some of the SA woman's water polo side. They are currently competing in the World Cup in Khanty Manysisk, Russia. DD is top right. So proud of her as she will also be featured in the new FINA magazine as the 'Star of Africa' in their monthly One continent, one star articles. 


Have a great week everybody, don't forget to visit Julia to see more inspiring desks, I am off to Herbert Evans (there are some more things I HAVE to get LOL) and then I will be watching some water polo while visiting some fellow WOYWWers.


  1. That is not messy! Believe me! I am glad you got some Copics on sale, because you color beautifully! I hope you found some more good deals. I don't know wha Herbert Evans is, but sound like a great shop. #34

  2. The desk is pretty compared to mine normally. thnaks for your comment . Francesca #48

  3. Such a great crafty space. Good luck to the water polo team! x Jo

  4. That is NOT a mess, looks very organised for one who is busy on many projects at once. Saw your FB photos of the girls at the airport. Hope they do well.

  5. looks pretty tidy to me.... yes really but I know how it is to be distracted
    janet #2

  6. Well I've heard some excuses in my time Tertia but your list beats all... hehe ;D
    I love the fact that you are trying to make it all alright. Crafters don't need to do that... mess means there's creativity going on!
    Copic pens discounted... now I could do with adding to my 6 with attractive offers like that.
    Good luck for the World Cup :D
    Enjoy WOYWW
    Neesie #62

  7. That is not messy. You will know what messy is, when you see my place. But I call it busy :-)
    Gabriele 29

  8. ARGH! Ate my comment :( Oh well - 40% off on Copics sounds a deal to ME! And I love the idea of a colour along video too.

    Happy WOYWW! a little late
    Mary Anne (1)

  9. Hmm, I see no mess...but I'm STILL distracted by the paper racks to be honest!! And no, of course it's not your fault..sales, colouring..all sorts of things, especially when it doesn't really need cleaning anyway!

  10. What awesome news about your DD! And I'm with Julia, I also see no mess lol. The only reason there was such a large space was because I de-constructed something and it left a vacuum : D. Beautiful colouring (something on my list of things to get better at).