Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WOYWW - N0. its not an episode of Hoarders!

 Good morning and welcome back to my poor little neglected blog and my very messy room. I know, it looks like an episode of Hoarders are going to be filmed in my room, but I promise this is two days into cleaning up! Life just kinda caught up with me these last few months and there was absolutely no time for any kind of creative play hence the state of my room.
 School closed on Friday for a month long holiday and I am desperately trying to get my playroom in some sort of state where I can sit down and play without feeling guilty about the mess. I have thrown out at least 5 bags of stuff that I will never, ever use (well, passed it on to a local nursery school actually, could not get it over my heart to actually throw it away!)

 You will notice my feathery friend, Chicken, who gets to spend nights in my room. The remnants of last minute frenzied activity. I felt like the universe was conspiring against me these last few weeks. As some of you might know, it is that time of the year when the school I work at, chooses its new leaders and that is a monumental task, that happens to be mine. First, the company that has done the candles for the handing over ceremony for the last 15 years, closed down, then I could not find anybody else that would put the school badge and girl's name on the candles for me. You Tube to the rescue, I did it myself! No pics, sorry, no time!
That's it folks. I will be back more regularly this month. Remember to visit Julia to see some more inspiring desks.


  1. ah the trials of having to get things done and worse still doing them yourself!!
    Tis good to have you back Tertia and happy crafting int he break, Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

  2. good to see you again, and your very lovely craft space! hope you get time to play in it soon. Helen 2

  3. Good to see you back, you can breathe and relax.....enjoy rediscovering your lovely craft space!
    HUgs, LLJ 26 xx

  4. Welcome back Tertia, sounds as if you have a busy life, hope you get lots of playing time now with no guilt feelings at all. Don't spend too long tidying up, ignore the mess and play!!!
    Thanks for visiting me,
    Bless you

  5. Good luck with the sorting. I am in a similar position with very little time to craft and craft supplies all over the place.

  6. I love a good sort out - but have such a hard time finding stuff after :) It takes me a good 6 months before I stop going to the OLD location.... And OMG! What did we EVER do before You Tube?? It's a life saver for visual learners, isn't it?

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  7. Tertia, I've been missing from the woyww rounds this summer too--yep, life does get in the way of our blog snooping! You've been a busy woman, but I have to say, your work space is WAY too clean and tidy to be anywhere near a hoarder's den!

    Happy woyww to you!
    returning to the WOYWW fold
    #62 this week

  8. Hi Tertia, lovely to see you around again. It does sound as though your life has been uber hectic but enjoyed seeing the pics of your work space. It doesn't look that bad to me ... not a hoarder's den at all :) Hope to see you again next week. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #33

  9. Enjoy playing in your lovely tidy room, and have a great holiday from work. Hugs, Chris # 5

  10. Good to see you today, Tertia. What a lovely room - lots of space and oodles of goodies to play with... Hope you now get plenty of time to play! What's the phrase? - necessity is the mother of invention! You certainly did well to sort the candles! well done.
    Thanks for visiting. Thanks for prayers for John. The prostate cancer has gone - he has severe breathing difficulties - so we simply try to live a day at a time, taking life at his pace, and getting out when he is up to it. That's the theory, anyway. I tend to be running around like the proverbial chicken - doing everything that needs doing and still getting the wedding stuff finished!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  11. Great post...I would never imagine your room on Hoarders, Chicken is alive and well and visible! It's when we have to look for our animals amongst our "stuff" that it's getting time for a Hoarder intervention, lol!

    I love YouTube and all the wonderful people out there who post and share their creativity so we can DIY whenever necessary! Oh glad your giveaways got a good home. Happy WOYWW. Hugs, Rasz #72

  12. Your room looks fabulous! No way does it belong on Hoarders! I claim that privilege :)
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

  13. Oh my gosh Tertia, if your room looks like it should be on Hoarders, the mine should probably just be condemned! Haha! I wish mine were as clean and organized as yours!!

    Happy month-long holiday!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Amy E. #7

  14. So many people seem to be trying to tidy up this week.
    Hope you find time to craft too.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #38