Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOYWW - I cleaned!

Good morning all the wonderful people from WOYWW and everybody else who happens to pop in. I am having a busy, but wonderful holiday. I am colouring up a storm, finishing some long forgotten projects and slowly, but surely getting to a point where all that was stolen from us has been replaced. At least I have an ID card now, so the next step is to apply for a new drivers license.
As you can see from the desk, I have had a major clean. It is so wonderful to actually have some space to work!
 I have been colouring some images by Tanya OÇonnor, a local artist who sells the most amzing adult colouring books. These ladies are going onto cards soon. I am also working on some thank you cards that are going to a wedding as part of the table decorations. All cut and ready to assemble in a while.
 A friend asked me to do some family quotes for her photo wall (about 3 months ago!) and I finally got round to doing them. Good thing my friends are an understanding and patient bunch.
I did manage to visit everybody two weeks ago when I last played and hope to do the same this week, but first I have a meeting with the new leaders of our school, to plan their year of office.
Have a fantastic day everybody, I am enjoying this second day of Spring.


  1. Such a horrid thing to be burgled! Glad it is slowly getting behind you and life is on its way to normality.
    Lovely colouring - how soothing that task is.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  2. Oh, I love having a good sort out too! Your desk is looking lovely this well. I've been doing some colouring too but haven't got enough tones of green...think I might have to put some Copics on my Santa list, lol!
    Hugs, LLJ 5 xx

  3. Lovely sentiment about the family - mine are popping round to play later! x jo

  4. What a loevly lot of creative projects you've got on the go there.
    Have a great week,
    Annie x # 17

  5. Hi Tertia, happy WOYWWon great desk pics today, lovely colouring on your ladies and great family quotes Cheers RobynO#22

  6. Lovely colouring and good to hear you are getting all your items replaced. Such a hassle when you have to apply for documents. Have a lovely relaxing week.
    sandra de @33

  7. Glad that things are getting sorted, I am sorry I must have missed the news. Hope you continue your sort out, your desk does look great today! Helen 2

  8. It is very tidy on your desk. It looks so inviting to come and play. Judy #49

  9. Lovely happenings on this desk! The sentiments should go down well.

    have a good week
    Bishopsmate #39

  10. Wonderful projects, lovely coloring. I love your desk. Seems like you're really busy!