Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WOYWW - Long time no see!

 I am back after a very long absence. It is finally the official end of the school year over here and I am on holiday for the next 5 weeks! YAY!!!! It has been a VERY hard and long year, but I am proud to announce that I survived. This post is very photo heavy, so I won't blame anybody that gives up before the end
 This is my 'workdesk 'for today. My dining room table. I am making new curtains for our bedroom. Mine looks like the hair on a dogs back. Completely disintegrated in the last wash. Nothing can withstand the African sun.
 On my real desk, minus the tablecloth that is in the wash after my big start to the holiday clean up, are the images that I coloured in the last few days, waiting patiently to go onto cards.
A bigger view of the desk. A pile of kits to do some scrapbooking. I am waiting for photo's from the family photo shoot that was my gift to myself this Christmas. You can see a canvas with a vinyl design on, ready to go to my classroom library next year and for those eagle eyed among you.. did you spot the box for my external hard drive? Yes, I did, I backed up all my digital designs and photo's. Are you proud of me?
About two weeks ago, we had a devastating storm, that blew the roof with some trusses off the school across the road from my house. The wind was so strong that it blew the sheets of corrugated iron over two buildings, across the road and onto our roof! Very scary stuff. My DH went to check on Google earht and according to them it was 150 m.
 Those sheets of corrugated iron sliced through some of our trees and some landed on the fence between our house and the neighbours house.
 The tree came crashing down on the fence, taking the electric fencing with it.
 One of the roof trusses landed squarly on our roof, shattering four roof tiles that came crashing through the ceiling in my bedroom.
 All the water coming through caused serious water damage to the carpet. Thank goodness we are insured,
It has been quite an ordeal, but thank goodness nobody was injured and all the rest can be fixed.
I have really missed my visits to all of you deskers at WOYWW and can not wait to see you all later.
Have a great week everybody.


  1. that coloring is so prestine, beautifully done.Vicky(#6)

  2. Sorry to hear about all your storm issues, we had milder winds and lost 2 trees, but no house damages..the end of his shop was covered by insurance but still a project to get done. Love your images and coloring projects. I too just finished up curtain toppers...had to get a new sewing machine and learn the computer formate for that, before I could finish them. But I am liking it. If you visit I've a photo of them below my post. Have a wonderful WOYWW day ...enjoy your precious time off work.

  3. Wonderful colouring but sorry to see about the storm damage. Hope it all gets sorted soon. Take care Zo xx 28

  4. The storm pics are amazing.....nature is so powerful isn't it? So sorry to see your damage but thankfully you are safe.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #17

  5. Ouch!
    anyplace I ply my crafts=a desk!
    Thanks for visiting, your kind words and the snoop around!
    Robyn 2

  6. Wow, Teriakl it's been awhile since I played, too. But mine hasn't been as dramatic a reason as yours. That tin did some serious damage. So glad you are insured and it will soon be fixed. Happy WOYWW from #1, who has also been gone too long.

  7. Not sure what happened with your name above, but it's supposed to read TERTIA. Period.

  8. What a time you have had!!!! thank goodness no-one was hurt.
    Thanks for sharing
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #47

  9. Oh how scary was that storm? I'm sorry this had to happen to the school. So glad it wasn't your roof coming off.
    very lovely colouring.Thanks for the visit and lovely encouraging comments on my courses.

  10. Beautifully coloured images yo gave there d d just colour them first and then pick paper or do you have some idea what you'll be doing with each one?
    Holy smokes that us some wicked wind storm those metal tiles flying at those speeds could kill someone glad no one got hurt in it and hope you get it all fixed u soon
    Hugs Nikki 5

  11. Great to have you back but what a terrible time you had with that storm. Must have been real scary. Hope things are getting back to normal now, or at least before Christmas.
    Love the images you have been doing - gorgeous colouring.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  12. Looks like we've both been having traumas but thankfully we are all okay and better off than the people of Cumbria with the floods
    Lynn #15

  13. Wow Tertia that storm must have been scarey. Glad you are on holiday now and can spend time relaxing.