Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hectic day!!!

Today was a very hectic day for me. My helper has gone on holiday so today was washday and cleaning house for me.
Did some Christmas shopping and I am nearly finished, thank goodness. Just the boys to go and then of course DH's birthday present, its his b-day on the 26th
We have been talking about revamping our dining room suite for some time now, in fact the fabric to re-upholster the chairs was bought abought 5 years ago, and this morning DH and I decided, today is the day! Off I went to Edenvale to look for some high density foam, only to be told that the only place on the East Rand to stock it is my local fabric store LOL! So, back to Boksburg we went. We started to revamp the chairs and they are done and looking GOOD, I must say. You know how it goes, when that was done DH said that we would have to strip the chairs and re-varnish them, so what was a morning job has now turned into a couple of dats worth of work. It will be so worth it when we are done though.

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