Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I finally enrolled!

Way back in September I attended a scapping day with Lara Cousins, Stephanie Ackerman and the Scrapping Studio. Had loads of fun, mainly because I could share it with my sister, but also because I was lucky enough to win a photography course. I have never gotten around to enrolling for the course - which is crazy, because I really NEED to jack up my photography skills! Its just that life has been crazy and there never seems to be a right time for it. I was talking with DH today and saying that I wished I could just find the time to do the course. His very wise answer? Don't find the time first, just enrol and then work around those dates! Makes perfect sense don't you think! So that is just what I did -and I am starting on the 27th of January.
We finished most of our Christmas shopping today. All the kids will be here on Christmas day. So looking forward to sitting in church and filling a whole pew again, that is something I miss very much now that they are all grown up and have their own lives!

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