Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a wonderful day!

My DH has two brothers, one older and one younger than him. Every now and then they all get together and have great fun. His older brother has two sons, one lives in Tasmania and the other in Bloemfontein. They were both home with their families for Christmas and it was decided that they would all go and play gholf. My DH arranged the whole day. They each had a goodie bag filled with gholfballs, tee's and snacks. My DS designed a special score card for the 'Jacobs gholf day'.

At 7 o'clock this morning they set off for Delmas - It was the only place that could accomodate them at short notice. There were 8 of them; Sam, the oldest brother, and his two sons, Chris and Deon. Willie, the younger brother, he drove all the way from the Vaal just to be with them and his son Shaun and then of course there was Jakes, my DH and our don Juan. The eighth member of the team was Juan's friend Pieter.

They came home shortly after 1, exhausted, but giggling like schoolboys. From what I hear, great fun was had by all. Shaun emerged as the winner, not that anybody cared! They had more fun telling tales of Deon who managed to hit the gholf ball backwards. We spent the afternoon at Sam's house having a braai and listening to them talk.

On the way home Jakes commented on what a wonderful gift it is for a family to still enjoy spending time with each other. In this day and age you don't often find young people that still enjoy to spend time with their parents and to be able to share that with your brothers is truely special.

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