Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a game!

Hannah and Luke

Anke and Juan
What a game of rugby that was!
Yesterday was a big day for South African sport. It was the final of the Super 14 rugby tournament. The final of a very long season. The team that I have supported since I was child, the Bulls, had a fantastic season and made it to the final. We played against a team from New Zeeland, the Chiefs. I was quite nervous before the game, because you can never tell what will happen on the day. My whole family were dressed in their Bulls shirts and even my husband who is actually a Stormers fan ( I know, there's no explanation!LOL) was rooting for the Bulls, because we were the only South African team still in the competition.
The game was FANTASTIC!!!!! We won 61-17.
As far as other sport was concerned South Africa had a great weekend. Our Netball team won the tri-Nations tournament and beat Fiji in the final. Our sevens Rugby side will be playing in the final of the Edinborough tournament later tonight, and by qualifying they have won the world championships. Even Bafana Bafana, our national Soccer side, won this weekend, so a great weekend for South African sport!
The photo's are of my youngest two and my wonderful grandchildren in their Bulls shirts before the game.

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  1. Yay Bulls!!!! I agree - what a spectacular game! It's absolutely great to be a Bulls supporter! They are the best and what was so great was the way they thanked the Lord for their success. As a team they pray together and stay together. Love you "Bulle"!!!