Friday, May 15, 2009

This is why I haven't blogged.

I am sick! I have had a cold for about three weeks, but it decided to turn into a nasty flu suddenly on Monday, so I was out of action since then. In between all that I had to help my girls with preparations for our school's annual Fun Day. I felt really sorry for my girls because they have just finished doing the Matric Dance and spent most of their holiday decorating the hall. Then they are writing exams in three weeks, so they are pretty stressed out.
The whole school were given white t-shirts and a country that they were representing and they had to decorate the shirts accordingly. The poor girls didn't know where to start, so I helped. They wanted a bull somewhere and when we started talking, the ideas just kept coming. Initially they wanted to buy iron on transfer paper and print the design on the paper, but that would have cost each of them a fortune, so we had to revert to plan B. Teacher is a stamper, so why not stamp the design on? Well......., nobody sells stamps that size, so. improvise! We used old, discarded cardboard boxes. We printed the design on plain paper, cut it out and then cut 4 bulls from the box. We stuck them all together, put a flat piece at the back and had our own stamp design. The girls made a stencil from an old x-ray for the sun and then the fun started.
They had the Superman 'S' on the back of the shirt, with a cape, but the cape covered their sign, so they made teenie weenie little capes. The class photo was taken after they had a soapbox race (which they won, of course), you can see how tired they are! They won most of the prizes on offer today including best shirt, most spirited class, best hip hop dance, and the best one of all - most unco-ordinated teacher! LOL I will just say: 'Dancing is so not my thing! Especially Hip Hop."

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