Monday, November 9, 2009

When a good idea turns into a bad one!

Every year I give my girls a little gift when they write their final exam. It is my way of wishing them good luck and saying good bye to them at the end of the year. Usually it involves some kind of chocolate LOL, but a couple of weeks ago I found these pencils in CUM Books (A local christian bookshop), at R1 a pencil. That is cheaper than chocolate and a lot healthier too, so I bought them each a pencil. Each pencil has a Bible verse on. (What a wonderful priviledge it is to teach at a school where it is OK to give children such a gift!)

I added a tag to each pencil, with a freebie image of a bookworm. Cute, yes, but when you actually have to colour 103 of them, they stop being cute very soon. I cut the tags with my Cricut. They were tied to the pencils with matching ribbon and there was a message for every girl on the back of the tag.

This was a good idea untill I finished about 20, and then it became a VERY BAD idea. Who came up with this??? Whoever it was, she must have been out of her mind to think it would be a good idea.

When I handed them out to the girls this morning, their reactions made it all worthwhile. They loved it. The last photo gives you some idea of just how many there were.

Wish me luck, now the big marking of exam papers start, so you will propably see very little of me in the next three weeks till school closes.

Ankie has one more exam to write and then my baby girl will graduate! Such a strange feeling, somehow she still is a little girl in my mind and here she is stressing about being accepted into honours. Say a little prayer that she will be, please. She has worked so hard and she will be such a good sport pschycologist.


  1. Praying that Ankie will do very well. are a wonderful teacher! Very resourceful too!

  2. What a lovely idea... be encouraged that His Word will not return unto Him void... God bless, Wendy xx