Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WOYWW and how did I get so lucky?

I know I am terribly late this week, but it could not be helped. Its Wednesday and time for WOYWW (Confused? Go to to see what its about)I just got home from a four day camp. Every year we take all our Grade 11's on a Leadrship tour. It serves two purposes: They cover part of their Life Orientation Curriculum and it helps us to choose leaders for the next term of office. This year I have been put in charge of the camp and the leadership programme. Quite a daunting task. So this is my 'workdesk' this week. It is at times like these that I remember why I became a teacher in the first place and why I love my job! These photo's tell a story of two girls. One that is about to give up and the other who just will not let her. A girl who overcomes her worst fear to help a friend achieve a goal and the amazing breakthrough that comes after all of it. Theses two girls were team mates. Put into teams by us specifically to prevent friends from being together and to force the grade to get to know some of their school mates that they would normally not even talk to and then they are given tasks that can not be done alone and relies totally on the help of a 'stranger'. In this photo, the girl on the right is about to give up on climbing the tower. (she is petrified of hights!) The rest of the tean on the ground is shouting encouragements and telling her that if she gives up, het partner can not reach the top of the tower. The girl on the left is desperate to achieve her goal, but she is telling her partner; ' Its OK Carolyn, if you can really not go on, I will understand and if that means I can not touch the top of the tower, its OK, I will never hold it against you'. By this time, Carolyn is weeping ( and so am I)
Here she climbes to the last rung. From there they can touch the top! Natalie is sitting next to her, by now also weeping, knowing how hard it was for Carolyn to do the impossible! They stand up together and touch the top in unison. Not a dry eye left on the ground either!
Back, safe and sound on mother earth, embracing each other and crying from relief? Adrenaline? and sheer joy at the realisation that together there is nothing they can not do. I am so proud to have witnessed this today. Proud to say these are my girls! I am so very blessed to have a job where miracles happen on almost a daily basis.
Hope you all have blessed Wednesday filled with small miracles of your own. School breaks up on Friday, so next Wednesday its back to my craftroom.


  1. What an inspiring story. I read it twice and loved it both times. Great teamwork. Congrats to you for amazing bunch of girls and for being one of the leaders.

  2. Beautiful! So lovely to read stories like this about today's youth. Sounds like you did a wonderful job putting this together!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Angi (#129)

  3. A fab post - how can you put a price on what you achieve in your job? No-one appreciates the worth of a brilliant teacher - except those pupils who realise how much you have changed their lives!

  4. Great post. You made me cry too!

  5. What a beautiful story, and a real story it is.
    My eyes aren't dry anymore ☺☺☺
    Till soon.....I hope.
    Hugs Wilma

  6. Awesome story! We all get by with help once in a while! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

  7. Thanks for sharing a story which shows youth in a good light. you get so many negative stories that the majority of todays youth must feel they can never do anything right.
    x Tricia (84)

  8. Your leadership program seems to be so different from the one at my daughter's school. Here, the main purpose seems to be fund raising. Yours is so much more and so much more worth it.

  9. And they are truly blessed to have YOU!

    Thanks so much, so very much for sharing this.

    Neet x

  10. Brilliant post Tertia, and well worth scrapping those photos as a reminder of what we can do if given the right sort of encouragement. Annette

  11. Oh my Tertia, I love this post! This is what our kids need to be taught! I hope someone got it on the news. You and your school are awesome! Thank you.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your language was no problem at all. Look forward to see your next WOYWW.