Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOYWW - Something is wrong.

I have been struggling for a large part of the day to get my photo's uploaded. Something is wrong, either with my computer or with my camera, but the photo's just do not want to upload to my computer. I did the next best thing, I found a photo that looks more or less like my desk. I have put away the punches and the marking is done and dusted! Its school holidays, Yay! If you are wondering what I am talking about go to Julia's blog ( ) and join the band of merry desk stalkers. I was hoping to show you my wonderful birthday presents, but because of the camera issues you will just have to be satisfied with my latest creations. I have been making some cupcake giftcard holders. Not as professional as some that I have seen around blogland, but I like them.
The first is a pink one with some matching cards. I am thinking of making these as invitations for my granddaughter's party. The papers are from Paper Explosion a local company and so are the stamps.
The next one is a set that I made for the lady that works in the school's office. She needed something for a wedding she is going to. The colour scheme is silver, green and orange. So I decided to concentrate on the silver and just use splashes of the other two, what do you think?
The card uses a stamp from LOTV and the trim is from Wild Orchid Crafts. The papers are from my scrapbox. Cardstock is Bazzil.
Here is a close up of the cupcake. I found the ribbon at Dubai Centre in Benoni and bought about 20 rolls - they are so cheap and I do need more ribbon don't I?

Hoprfully I can get the camera issues sorted and then I can show you my pressies. I got my Passport today (had to sit and wait 2 and a half hours just to collect it, but I am so grateful it only took two weeks, I am not complaining! So, Chicago here I come!


  1. Tertia, I love the cupcakes... guess I'll NEED to be heading off to Dubai Centre soon! I do love ribbon!!
    By the way, did you know you won my 100 follower prize? (Sorry I forgot all about it myself, until I found the package its in this week), please send me a mail with your postal address so I can send it to you ;)

  2. WOW those cupcakes are really stunning, they are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely Wednesday,
    Karen #102

  3. LOVE the cupcakes! Will you be sharing how you made them?
    Have fun!

  4. Just love those cupcakes! I am also struggling with uploading photos??
    Have a happy week!

  5. Love your desk, and those cupcakes are superb! My desk is chaos, trying to sort it now!

  6. Your cup cakes are drop dead gorgeous. My mouth is watering. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Awesome cupcakes, Tertia! Those are some of the most creative crafts I seen this year. Love your matching cards too. Just fabulous.

    Cathy Lee

  8. Absolutely adore the cupcakes wow would love to make one!I have uploaded both tag and card that where on my desk when photo was taken.both seperate posts.
    hugs happy Woyww cant wait to see the birthday prezzie hoepfully next week
    hugs judex

  9. Love the cupcakes and the cards. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  10. Those cupcakes are adorable...very well done with your projects, my friend.


  11. I can't believe how I have missed your blog!
    Lovely work Tertia. I have signed up to follow so that I don't miss out on your posts.
    Do pop in on my blog for a visit.

  12. OMGosh Tertia! These cupcakes are GORGEOUS and I love the wedding card!
    Big Hugs!

  13. Love the card and the cupcakes are amazing - have a great week x

  14. Gorgeous stuff - and yes, you needed ribbon. And now you need more because you used some!! Love the cupcakes of course, and your take on the wedding colour scheme, really lovely.

  15. Those cupcakes are wonderful!!! Love them. Beautiful cards as well.

  16. They are so ... mm the word is a....

    Stunning !!! Love them.

  17. Thanks for popping in to my blog and I'm so glad I paid a return visit as I really enjoyed it. You have a lovely desk with some great crafty results coming from it but most of all I loved the story of the two girls. an excellent move on your part and great character building for those two lovely girls.
    JoZarty x

  18. oh wow, those cupcakes are awesome...such sweetness, I fabby idea, thanks for sharing....have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*

  19. I'm just blown away by your cupcakes. They are so realistic and yet so artistic. Have a happy easter