Friday, April 15, 2011

WOYWW .You thought it was bad before, did you?

Good morning desk stalkers. My name is Tertia and I am a slob. I tried so hard to keep mydesk neat and tidy, but not in this lifetime I think. Today I actually have somebody else to blame, YAY! I had a friend over yesterday for a 'play date' and its her you see, she is the messy one. She came into my room, messed it all up and then left - rude, don't you think?
The first photo is her side of my craft table and you can clearly see just how messy she is. The next photo is my side of the table. Far more interesting, don't you think?

I tried taking it from another angle, to make it look better, but I think its actually worse LOl Yes, that is chocolate cake you see and not just any chocolate cake, TRIPLE chocolate cake! The colddrink is diet though, so its perfectly balanced, well, thats if you don't count the Lindt chocolate thats lurking somewhere on the desk.

Here is the fruits of all that mess. Do not faint people, I actually scrapped! I found this great sketch on Lets Scrap and my friend did come over to scrap, so what could I do. I am so far behind in scrapping, these photo's are from 2009.

Thought I would show you close ups of some of the detail. I just could not do anything without flowers now could I? You will notice that most of the LO uses Bazzil Cardstock. The blingy strip was simply painted with glitter glue and left to dry, I love the effect and will definately use it again. The dp is from my scrapbox and the flowers are from Wild Irchid Crafts. The ribbon is from Paradise Crafts.

Last week I promised I would show you some of my birthday pressies. I realised that most of them don't photograph so well. My wonderful husband bought me a ticket to go to CHA in July AND a new laptop! He's a keeper. I also got a Footspa from a dear friend and with my Birthday money from the Birthday club I hit the local beadshop. This is the result of that shopping spree. My DDers claimed the bracelets I made, so no pics, sorry.

And lastly, thats if you made it all the way here, I leave you with this thought:

The post I did about my girls on leadership camp, just brought this home to me. As a teacher, this is my motto, because I have seen so many 'hopeless' kids make great successes of their lives just because somebody, somewhere did not give up on them.

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  1. Happy Birthday Tertia!!! Yay for you that your hubby bought you such wonderful presents. That chocolate cake looks yummy. Was it your birthday cake? Have a great week! Happy WOYWW and thanks for stopping by to visit me. :-) ~Rhonda

  2. What a great desk, happy birthday. Sounds like you've had awonderful time.

  3. It sounds and looks like you had a fun day with your friend, its always nice to craft with friends. Many happy returns for your birthday, I am glad you had a really lovely day with lots of nice pressies. Great LO and I love the quote!
    Have a lovely WOYWW,
    Karen #41

  4. I have a daughter just like your friend! I get everything nice and neat and she comes over to play and it is all to do again. ;-) Love the layout. Red and black are so pretty together! Happy late birthday! Thanks for sharing Vickie #28

  5. What a great desk and lucky you to craft with a friend... Happy birthday and what FAB pressies... Have a great week

  6. Happy Birthday (even if a little late). You know how children have those imaginary friends - well in truth they are not imaginary because I have one. She comes in quite often and messes up my desk and leaves just like your friend did - without tidying. What price friendship.
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures, love those necklaces and envious about CHA. You enjoy and report back to us all.
    Hugs, Neet x

  7. That's some birthday! Well deserved I'm sure - especially the CHA part! Loving your workdesk! TFS and thanks for advice - I'll hang on to them - bet your bottom dollar though that if I do find inspiration, I won't find the circles 'cos I won't remember where I put them! xx

  8. Such a lovely post, lots of great things going on. I love the quote at the end. I too am a teacher and this is certainly a motto to keep in mind.
    Well done on predicting the course of events on my date last week. Now, I don't suppose you could give me any more insight on what might happen next hahaha.
    Thanks for stopping by this morning, happy Wednesday.

    Holly x

  9. LOL! It looks like you need my DH to organise your space the way he did mine:-)

    Gorgeous 2 pager Tertia...I would love to see more of your work.

  10. What's the point in a big old craft room if not for messing up now and then.
    The beading is pretty, and i love the quote :D

  11. wow, I love your side of the desk, I would feel right at home! Thanks for "stalking" my desk. Yes there are very few of us SA people on the net. I am a deep shade of green that you got to go to CHA, that is on my bucket list!

  12. What a lovely way to spend the day, friends, chocolate cake, chocolates and scrapping! Perfect ! Love your messy desk even if it was your friends fault !!!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (44) xx

  13. A blessed birthday! What wonderful gifts you received! And I can see you've been so busy, you and your friend! It's always fun to work with a friend, messy or not. Patsy from

  14. What a great desk and what lovely pressies. I quite agree about never giving up, especially with children. As an ex-teacher, I got a huge buzz out of helping someone to realise that they could succeed in something.

  15. Love the colors on the layout! And yes, a messy space is much more interesting. ;)
    Chrissy #93

  16. Thats not a messy area are just creative. I had a great nose .... I cant eat and scrap ...I AM too messy. Love that LO title and the LO on the table looks interesting.

  17. Happy birthday, Tertia. I love those little yellow buckets on your table, and please, could you save some triple chocolate cake for me next time? I love chocolate cake. I actually have cravings right now!

  18. Looks like a lovely creative desk to me - not messy at all. Love the layout and that quote is a good one too.

  19. Oh wonderful layout and love your messy desk.

  20. drooling at the triple chockie cake there Tertia not to mention your pressie you did have fun time... thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

  21. Very nice post - I love how you balance triple chocolate cake with diest coke ha, ha...:-), the quote is lovely!

  22. You'd better take the coke and cake and get yourself invited over to your friend's place and mess up her's..... and I hope she's on WOYWW!!!! Please give us a warning so we don't miss it.
    JoZarty x

  23. Well firstly happy birthday, sounds like you got some amazing presents!

    And secondly, what a great post, I enjoyed reading it.

    And thirdly - I love how diet drinks cancel out chocolate cake :-)

  24. I think it is always a good idea to blame the messiness on your friends...LOL We both must have been tuned in to chocolate cake this week! By the way, I bought my copic holder from a place that does not sell them anymore, but I think if you google them, you might find them. I think the part # is on

  25. It's taken me 'This Long' to get to your WOYWW , you have a beautiful messy workable desk of projects going on there!!!! hAPPY bIrtHdaY, albeit, a wee bit late. :)

  26. thanks for popping by earlier.
    love the sentiment
    you look like you had fun on that busy desk

    caroline #34

  27. what a fun post Tertia.
    Hope you enjoy your new lap top .
    have a great Easter

  28. I blame my messy craft room on the fairies!(no one believes me!) Great crafty crafty room, and fab lay out thank you for the snoop!Happy very late woyww
    Have a great weekend!

  29. Like the quote that is so true. Happy belated birthday and that cakes looks scrummy. Monkey says thankyou for the invite.He is busy sorting his passport out at the moment. Hugs Mrs A. #59

  30. Tertia.... it isn't nice to blame to fellow scrapper for the mess!! ;) Looks like it was quite a session especially if you were eating choccie cake too!
    Love all the birthday pressies, you lucky girl!!

  31. I am late getting here but I am so glad I finally made it! First of all, Happy (belated) Birthday!!!
    I love your new necklaces!! Did you make them or buy them? They are beautiful!!!
    And your husband is definitely a keeper! He likes to spoil you and make you happy :)
    And last thing, I like your side of the desk best .... all craft desks should have some yummy cake in my opinion, lol!
    Thank you for visiting me earlier!!!

  32. Love the two sides of the desk made me laugh - great DH definatley a keeper

  33. Your layout is gorgeous and what a wonderful birthday present your hubby got you! Hope you have a blast at CHA and glad that you and Sue were able to meet, she's such a sweetheart!

  34. Gorgeous pages!! I love your style!!