Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOYWW - I am bacvk and freezing!!

Hallo to all. After an absence of three weeks I feel  like I should actually be introducing myself to all of you. You are here to see what is on my workdesk and I am afraid there is not much going on in the creative department over here, I have been incredibly busy with the election process of the new leaders at our school. Today was the official induction of the new group and a very, very sad farewell to the old group. After working so closely with this group of very special girls, I feel like I had to say good bye to my own children. The Mosaic cross you see in the photo was made for me by one of these girls. Bronwyn made it herself and being a crafter, I know just how very special it is to give somebody something that you have spent time making and poured a little of your soul into. I am so very blessed to recieve this and very humbled that she thinks I am worthy.
I have decided to show you what was on my diningroom table last week. Yes, I made them! Shocker to see me making things that go on top of cupcakes, I know. My poor daughter had so many orders that she had to hire a helper to help her finish all the cake orders and when I phoned to ask how she was getting on, she promptly burst into tears and told me that the helper burnt 6 dozen cupcakes and that she had to throw away all the teddies this lady had made, because they were so badly made. Now  don't get me wrong, I know my limitations when it comes to cakes, butr this was my child and I am creative (well, sort of) so I told her to bring some fondant and show me, I was willing to give it a try. I am quite proud of myself I must add, they were not too bad, at least she could use them.
This is the birthday cake she made for her sister, my youngest. She is besotted with Marilyn Monroe and asked for a black and white cake. I love it. The next cake was for one of my dear friends at school. She is the art teacher and turns 70 on Saturday! She is the youngest, hippest, 70 year old I know, so she could not have a cake fit for an old lady! This cake was a collaboration between two of my daughters. Ankie, the youngest, painted the 'canvas' and Karin the cake artist did the rest. Hazel absolutely loved it.

 This was a fairy cake for a 4 year old little girl. When the cake was delivered at the little girl's nursery school, one of the little boys came to my daughter and grabbed her leg, asking if the fairies were real. She says that is the best part of her job. 
 And just in case you were wondering about the title of my post, here is the proof! It is snowing over here in sunny South Africa!!!! Initially it was so exciting, as you can see from Ankie's face, but now, its just damn cold! I do not know how you guys in the rest of the world survive winters like this every year, I am in awe of your bravery!
Thats quite enough from me, stay warm wherever you are and remember to visit Julia and the rest of the WOYWWers.


  1. Good to see you back. Those teddies are just so much fun...well done you. What talent with the cake making too....they are all just perfect. You must be so proud.
    A x #6

  2. Love the cross you received. The cakes are fantastic. Brrr to the snow! Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  3. Looks like the invasion of the teddies, look great. I can't believe that you have snow! I know the weather in the UK is all fouled up but snow in SA! Francesca #32

  4. Wow, amazing cakes! The teddies look very familiar - I made large numbers of them out of Fimo very obsessively about 20 years ago... this really brought back memories!
    Alison x

  5. That cross is a very special gift. How nice for Bronwyn to make it for you! You are loved.

    Wow -- those little teddy bears are adorable. Your poor daughter, having troubles with her helper though. Glad you were able to step in and help!!

    Today is my first anniversary of my blog anniversary. I'm taking a poll on some blog candy -- pop on over and put in your 2 cents!!
    Happy wOYWW
    Hugs,Kay #96

  6. Wow! Love all those cakes! Love the way the bears turned out too! I'm glad it's still summer over here in the US :) Stay warm!

    Katie (107)

  7. Such pretty cakes, and well done on the teddies!

    Really, snow?? We can't even get it to RAIN here!!

    :)trisha, #113 this week with a quilted inchie

  8. What a brilliant post. Such lovely teddies and amazing cakes - well done to all! x Jo

  9. Mum to the rescue ! The teddies are so cute - well done ! Your daughter's cakes are lovely - she's very talented ! Snow - hope you thaw out soon ! Ali #51

  10. Seems your daughter came by her craftiness from Mommy! Wonderful creations too!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Sue Kment 108

  11. Snowing in Africa?! Oh my. The teddies you made came out great and those are some beautiful cakes!!!

  12. Wow, fabby cakes and those teddies are just adorable.

    Snow in SA, huh?! I can send over Winter scarves and gloves if you like - how very weird though.

    Belated Happy WOYWW, at least we finished the envelopes in super fast time! Di xx #3

  13. can't believe those teddies are cupcakes - i'm not surprised she sells dozens of them!!
    and the other cakes are stunning - i esp. like the art teacher's cake :)
    thank you for sharing - and for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
    happy WOYWW!
    no. 11

  14. What fantastic Teddy Bears you made - they would rival any I have seen. What fabulous cakes too - each and every one of them is a work of art. No wonder you are proud of her and no wonder you had to help out in a crisis.
    Thanks for sharing so much, Hugs, Neet #36 xx

  15. Oh wow, those cakes are marvellous! You're ALL creative. The teddies are great so of course they are popular.
    Now about this snow... It's all in the expectation. I loved it when I lived in Vancouver, and my neighbours gave me a hard time about getting out to shovel the first fall off the path. Teehee.
    I'm currently transfixed by the rhythmic gymnastics in London. Stunningly beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting Wildcards and leaving a lovely comment.
    Happy days,
    Ros. #16

  16. That cross is such a lovely gift. Bronwyn obviously knows how much you will treasure it.

    I just love that row of teddies. I thought they were clay! I'm not sure I would like to make them all out of fondant icing.

    My friend works with Operation Mobilisation out in S. Africa and her family are visiting from UK. They weren't prepared for snow and she posted a photo of them all wrapped up in blankets. Hope it warms up again for you soon.
    Kate x

  17. I would have sobbed if the cross was given to me! It is so beautiful and completely wonderful because it was made and given with love and respect.
    I love the black and white birthday cake - very elegant!!
    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  18. Love those cakes. I can't even bake a cake! In fact never got past fairy cakes and the last time was quite a few years ago now. Thanks for stopping by BJ#19. PS adore the cross is it beautiful.

  19. That cross is gorgeous, and I would say you did a super job with the bears. Good for you, even though it wasn't in your wheelhouse. I've missed two weeks, so it felt good to be back on this fun jaunt. I'm 22 this week.

  20. The teddy bears are fabulous. It's plain to see where your daughter gets her talents. Her cakes are incredible. I can't believe you have snow, I never thought it snowed over there. I always thought you had the same climate as us in Brisbane (Aus). I couldn't handle that much cold either.
    Have a great week.
    Von #17

  21. Welcome back, wow what fab cakes and your teddies even have belly buttons. You did a great job on them. Your daughters cakes are just brilliant and the one for your 70 year young retiring teacher is so perfect. Love the cross that was made for you too. Snow in South Africa I did not know it snowed there I thought it was a warm climate. I am sorry I have rabbited on.... LOL

    Eliza #30

  22. What a talented daughter and how lucky to have a Mum like you to fall back on when things went wrong. Mum did well with the bears as well - now you're an expert.
    No chance of snow here, the sun is out (almost forgotten what it looked like) and here I am stuck inside watching the Olympics. Still it is only every 4 years.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier. Bit late getting round this week
    Ann B

  23. Welcome back Tertia!! We missed you! I loved seeing all the cakes! Your daughter must be very successful, to have to hire help and be so overwhelmed by orders. Though it's hard, that's a good thing.

    Your teddy bears came out so cute! I bet the cupcakes looked fabulous.

    Amy E. #8

  24. All your creations are lovely, but my favorite is the artist cake. As an artist, I woudl love it if someone made one of these for me. Blessings!

  25. I'm really late getting round to everyone this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog though.

    OMG - Snow in South Africa? Whatever next?

    Love the cakes and well done to you for stepping up to the plate (pardon the pun) and helping out with making some very sweet (again, pardon the pun) teddies.

  26. Those cakes are absolutely beautiful and I think you did really well with the teddy bears. Beautiful leaving gift you received too. I heard about the snow in SA, a couple in Johannesburg (I think it was) made our news when they had pledged to get married the next time it snowed, so they had to rush in their wedding plans or something! I would say enjoy the feeling of the snow and the cold while it lasts because it's very rare for you.

    Brenda 38

  27. Thanks for calling by to see the Doodly Birds.
    Lynn x

  28. Thanks for your visit, Tertia. What fabulous cakes! Sounds as if you've been really busy lately.

    The clearing is still going - I'm busy recording tapes onto the computer at the moment, which will mean a whole empty filing cabinet drawer once I'm done!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #49

  29. Hi Tertia, thanks for popping by, I'm very late catching up. We can get quite a bit of snow in Scotland but live by the coast so not as bad as inland, staying in crafting by the fire is usually the answer. Love you cake toppers and cakes. Thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. #45

  30. Hi Tertia Thanks for popping by. I am really late visiting this week. You have done a fab job on those edible teddies. You might have a job there!! I have never thought of South Africa as somewhere that snows! I love snow but we normally get a dusting only. Belated WOYWW Hugs from Helen 23

  31. Wow! Fabulous cakes there. Such a shame about the burnt ones!
    Thanks for visiting. It is quite cold here today - had to buy a scarf lunchtime in my favourite shop!! LOL! x

  32. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier! Wow, you and your children are all so talented! I love the cakes, and it's credible to see that you've whipped up the cupcake teddies in such a short time. Fantastic!

  33. Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry my return is so late!
    All the cakes are incredible! I'm very impressed and a little bit hungry :)

  34. If I ever come to JHB to teach again, we must meet up, then at least we can have some WOYWW gathering photos to post too...

    Fabulous cakes, your daughter is quite talented and I think your teddies are fantastic.

    Funny how exciting snow is if you dont have to live with it all the time...

  35. Pragtige teddies. Jy is 'n "awesome" mamma. Jou dogter is baie talentvol.


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