Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look what I did today!

You must understand. This is huge for me! I haven't baked a cake from scratch in years. It is not that I can't, life just seemed to happen and baking took a backseat. Having three daughters that all started baking when they were very youn, made my baking kind of redundant. Now that they have left home there is really no point in baking a whole cake for DH and I.
During the term one of the girls brought the most devine cake to class and when I complimented her she promptly gave me the recipe. So, when Hannah asked what we were going to do today, I thought, lets try that cake.It came out a bit wonky, but it tastes wonderful, and my granddaughter thinks it is perfect!

Tomorrow we will be going to her weekly physio session and then the two of us are off to the Johannesburg Zoo. Hopefully I will get some good pictures.
My check up at the Pulmonologist went well. All seems to be OK. He did up my medication slightly, but he seemed quite pleased with all the tests.


  1. That cake looks so yummy. Glad all went well with your doctors tests too. Have a great weekend and hope the zoo was fun.

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  3. ooo Yummy... the cake looks devine
    That post by what we going to learn , (above was me ) My DH was signed in , didnt realise until I posted