Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad day.

OK, so I don't normally complain or whine about things, but I wish the devil would find another house to visit sometimes! First my helper has the flue, which means that I have to clean the house myself (I know, I know millions of women the world over does it every day of their lives - so I am spoilt) and I had a scrapbooking class for 5 girls ranging in ages from 6 to 13 this morning.I LOVE having them - they are so creative and willing to try anything I throw at them, but they are very demanding and I don't get to sit doen or slow down when they are here. A class that should take 2 hrs normally ends up taking 4-5 hrs.
Before they even got here my DD phoned in a state. Somebody had driven into the back of her brand new car! DH is furious! Claiming that its all her fault and that she did it on purpose just to annoy him and cost him money that he doesn't have. I understand his frustrations ( Seeing that I run the finances in the house, I know only too well that we can't afford the cost of fixing a car right now). Me being the mom means that I am stuck between DH's fury and DD hurt. Not a good place to be, let me tell you.
BUT....... I also know that God has never ever before let us down and that He is not about to start, so, tomorrow I will feel better and laugh about all of this. I will propably be singing while cleaning the house and the insurance will pay, thats why we pay them a fortune each month.
See, I feel better already, all whined out.
I don't think I ever posted this card. I finished it before I got sick and forgot all about it. It is another one of Mo's images that I absolutely adore. She reminds me so much of my granddaughter Hannah. Hannah is such an animal lover and animals seem to respond to her, she has a wild lizard that comes out to greet her when she comes home from school and I have never seen any animal not falling under her spell.

The image was coloured with my Copics, cut out with a Nestie and mounted on foam squares. The Cardstock is Bazzil and the dp is Basic Grey. Other than that there is only a bit of ribbon from my stash.
Here's a close up of the image, hope you can see the glitter on her wings.
Have a lovely day everybody, I'll be back soon with more cards.


  1. Not every day is good but their is good in every day. I am sure even in the upside down of your day their was good in it and their is something you can find to be grateful for.

    I love your cards and so wish you lived closer so I could come and have lesson from you. :)

  2. dear,
    having a look at your cards make us happy.preparing such cards make u healthy.every day is the happiest day for u & me.
    with lv,
    thendral saravanan.

  3. Well, here's hoping that today is the day of smiles and blessings from our Lord!

    Love your card - all the focus is on the girl and the cat, so you've done an excellent job.

  4. Love this card, hope all goes well with the insurance etc. Sending you good wishes, from faraway in the Netherlands, at the moment.

  5. Oh the storms of life...don't you wish for constant calm waters? I know I do.

    Beautiful card Tertia