Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm HOME!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your well wishes everybody and thanks Audrey for posting the message on my blog yesterday.
It all happened so suddenly, that I did not have time to think about it. As you all know, I have a chronic problem with my breathing. Some days are better than others and the dr's diagnosis vary, but they have not really ever been able to establish why it happens. They say that it has now become chronic Asthma.
After my stressful week last week, the breathing was really bad and I started coughing like somebody that has been smoking for 50 years ( Never smoked in my life!). Everybody, family and friends kept urging me to go to the dr. , but I really did not feel sick, just coughed. Finally relented and went to see my doc on Friday. He gave me one look and booked a bed in the hospital. The more I tried to explain that I am not that sick and that I could not afford to take off time from work, the less he listened to me. (And he is usually such a good listener.)
Well, thats the story. Been there since Friday and must say, I feel better for the first time in years! I did get a bit of a fright when I heard him tell my hubby that I had pneomonia at a life threatening level.
I spent the first day pretty out of it and when I started to surface on Sunday, I realised that I was supposed to book a bus to take the Student Representative Council on their yearly outing and to give them consent forms to be filled in by their parents. They were to go to Step Up in 3D on Monday. Thats when I realised that I must have been really sick, because it is not in my natuer to not do important things like that. Started phoning colleagues in a panick, got hold of the SRC president and when the kids heard I could not go, they promptly cancelled the trip and said they would rather wait for me to get back - how sweet is that!
Begged my hubby for my Copics and my file with stamped images ( you know, the one we all have, with images that we will do one day! LOL) I spent the next few days colouring up a storm. I think I must have coloured about 30 images! Can't wait to get in my craftroom and start making them into cards. The hospital staff was fascinated - most of them have never seen so many pens and in so many colours before! I think they all think I am a little crazy, a grown woman colouring in pictures. Weird huh?
I have just spent about 2 hours reading everybody's blogs and sorting my e-mails, now I am very tired and can't wait to go for a lie down in my own bed! See you soon, hopefully with a card.


  1. Take it easy... I'm glad to hear you're home, I'm sure you're really happy to be home!!
    Love Mel

  2. Great that you are back home. Take it easy and be better soon. warm wishes

  3. Oh Tersia, I didn't realise you were so ill. So sorry to hear the news, but pleased you are well and recuperating at home. I think it's fab that your students cancelled their trip. Shows how much you mean to them. Good idea to take your Copics and images to hospital. Can't wait to see your new creations. Take care of yourself now, hugs Sharon

  4. I am SO glad you're home with your family. Take care of yourself...and you will have to show and tell as soon as your images are in card form.

  5. Great news to hear your back home, nothing like your own surroundings & bed xx
    Take care luv xx

  6. So bly jy is terug by die huis Tertia en dat jy darem beter voel! Sterkte vorentoe en ons hoop iemand vind gou uit presies wat verkeerd is.
    Rustige naweek!

  7. Sorry didny realise you had been ill but am so glad you are on mend.
    Am looking forward to some hospital coloured images

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  9. OMGosh!!!! I feel horrible not knowing you were ill and in the hospital!!!! I need to check everyone's blogs more often than just once a week!!! So much can happen! I do hope you are feeling better. And what a testament to you that the kids wanted to wait for you. I'm certainly not surprised! You take care of yourself. I'm so sorry you were in the hospital! Best, Curt