Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm back and rearing to go.

All exams are marked and all marks are entered into the computer at school. Doing a little happy dance right now - I thought I would never finish!
My DH came home on Wednesday and asked if I could make a card for somebody at work's mothers 60th birthday. Sure, no problem dear. What colour? What is she like? Must I make an old lady card or is she young and hip and happening? Has she got a sense of humour? Can I make a funny card? (I was thinking one of my Bugaboo images - you know the 'whats one more frigging candle?' one). The answer? Yes you guessed it. A true to form, male answer. I don't know, just make a card, I am sure it will be fantastic. (Bless his heart, he thinks everything I do is wonderful)
So, off he went yesterday with my album of photo's of some of my cards. Came back and told me: She likes this stamp, but she likes the colour on this one and she would like a butterfly, geez woman, I never knew that people could be that difficult! LOL You would think he would know, seeing he has a wife, three daughters and two granddaughters!

Here is the card. She wanted one with tags, so that the whole family (all 27 of them) could sign the card and write their own messages. The stamp is a local one, bought a while ago and has no manufacturers name on anywhere. I coloured her with my Copics and cut her out with my Nestie. The cardstock is Bazzil and the paper is by Prima (Love those). I found the butterfly at a very small Chinese shop and bought a whole lot of them - they are made from feathers. The flower was handmade by me (yay me, I actually managed it!) and the charm is from the same little Chinese store.
This shows the inside pocket with some of the tags. I had to add another, slightly smaller pocket to hold all of the tags. It is actually raised a little, like a box, but there was no time for a photograph after I finished it last night. The edge was done with a Martha Stewart punch.

The other side of the inside. Very plain, but it looks really nice. I am quite pleased with the outcome and hope she likes it.
Will have to go look if my cards fit any challenges.
Have a great weekend everybody. For us its a long week end and I have no marking (did I tell you that? I am finished with my marking!!!), so I am planning some serious cardmaking and even scrapping (that Soccer City LO) this weekend.


  1. OK, so much to say here! LOL First, you are right. . .typical man response. I knew it was coming before I read it. You did a wonderful job on this card, but boy what a project it turned out to be! 27 little tags! Wow. But you handled it beautifully and your card for her turned out perfect. With all of her "requirements" this is exactly why I won't turn my card making into a small business which many people tell me I need to. It is requests like hers that would drive me right over the edge! LOL Best, Curt

  2. a great card and i agree with curt its best to just make a card and not take special requests.
    What makes me uptight is when i get asked for 'nice'words NICE
    enjoy your womans day

  3. You are very brave asking what they like, lol, I make what I like and if they don't tough, hehehe. I hate special requests they cause me far too much stress, rofl. Your card is great though, well done.
    PS: I would've gone with the bugaboo too, where are your bugaboo cards though??