Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WOYWW - A mess!

What a mess my desk is this week! I have been playing with different techniques as part of the Gina K challenge. I really love her stamps! Only problem is, I was having so much fun, cleaning was the furthest thing from my mind.Hence the mess I am showing this week on WOYWW.

 And here are the results of my creative frenzy, first a card playing with inks and embossing.
 Next a shaped card, and of course you knew I just had to use my beloved Copics somewhere!

Then some tags. Prototypes for the good luck tags we are going to need at school. Now to make 400 of those :)
Last, but my personal favourite, a card made with hand stamped background paper.

I have to run, I am on granny duty this morning, dropping off grandies at school before I go to school, So I will see you all late afternoon for a visit, until then, have fun and have an amazing week everyone!


  1. Your desk is very orderly for being so disorderly (grin). No hodge podge messes at least.

    I like the last card, too. Of course, I adore those tags. Simple, but rather complex, too. Did you make them with a die cutter? I've never seen any die cutters like that.

    Have a great week yourself! Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. ah recognise the stamps at the end item which is your fav... am wondering where you get yours as the cost of post is very dear overseas ($US23.95 for $50.00 of stamps)...
    AND have put myself on stamp buying ban, no matter how much I like them can buy digis, but have too many already in stamps variety, think for this year anyway..

    BUT lovely makes and shaped card superb too ...are they from kits?? ie with her card etc.
    Shaz in Oz.x #7

    1. I should not buy any more stamps, but there is a serious problem there. Barbara keeps bringing out "must have, I NEED them stamps and stencils. Every time we say, we could do with ...Barbara makes them. It would be rude not to get them then. xx Maggie

  3. I too like your last card the best. I think it is the stamp and the colours you have used. 400 tags? That will keep you out of mischief! #25

  4. Lovely to see you Tertia, and your desk of course! pretty butterfly scissors you have there - and most impressively, you haven't strayed into the 'friend's' desk space! I love the stamped flower on the heart shape card, what a gorgeous bloom. Frankly, I can't choose a favourite between them and am super impressed at the different styles you turn your hand to in one session. And ouch..400 tags. That's a lot of punching right there!

  5. Your cards are so pretty...and messing is so much nicer than cleaning up...agreed ♥

  6. Such lovely makes in your space this week Tertia. Gorgeous colour combos. Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x # 39

  7. Can see you have been busy and what results. Love all of them, so different, but my favourite is the embossed one at the top.
    Ann B

  8. I'll come and help you punch those tags...put the kettle on. I'll be around in 5 mins, lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 x

  9. Wow, what lovely cards. I do so love a messy creative desk too.

    Happy woyww

    Zoe #32

  10. Wow, a little bit of every style and it's all fabulous. So glad I stopped by. Susanne #66

  11. Not very messy considering how creative and busy you've been, show it to us again when you complete your 400 tags, lol!! I'm most impressed by the bike in the background! Do you ride it round your desk for exercise whilst stamping and punching at the same time??!! That would be impressive lol!

    Brenda 67

  12. Hi Tertia, wow what lovely work you've been doing as I scolled down I wowed every your tags - going to be busy there...have fun Cheers RobynO#69

  13. Entered in an other post...sorry!
    Lovely mess and cards!
    Happy Wednesday!!
    Greats Marleen #28

  14. what a nice big desk you have, all the better to craft on.
    Gill x

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  16. Messy desks are THE BEST! You look like you've been having a lot of fun playing! My favorite card is the heart shaped one! Lindart #76

  17. Love your happy, creative desk today! Beautiful work on the cards, and the tags are adorable. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #80

  18. Beautiful makes this week. 400 tags???
    You go girl!
    Krisha #13

  19. I love your heart card and that last one is gorgeous, too. It has an almost oriental feel.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #5

  20. Your cards are stunning. I just love those tags. You're making 400 of them. Wow! #2

  21. Fabulous cards!!! And "400" tags? WOW! Thanks for visiting my space and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #10

  22. Erm - Tertia - what mess??? What I see is a busy place where you have been creative. Well done.
    Thanks for visiting earlier - and thanks for visiting last week, too. Sorry I didn't manage to get back to you then... you know that thing called life which sometimes takes over?
    Have a great week - and enjoy the grandies.
    Margaret #7

  23. You have a wonderfully neat inviting desk! Beautiful cards and tags. #45

  24. Love that bottom card. Gorgeous colours and patterns!
    400? tags to make? I feel faint at the idea :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  25. Thanks for swinging by my blog yesterday, sorry for the delay in dropping by. I love the bottom card. 400 tags!! EEK. Cx #18

  26. you have been busy, beautiful cards you hav emade
    have a good week
    janet #9

  27. What a lovely mixture of great makes. I love those tags, Simple in style, elegant and so pretty. However, the thought of making 400 would fill me with abject horror. My 130 Christmas cards were bad enough, never again!!!! No, no, no, I just could not even think of 400. I hope you enjoy lots of other things in between. Thank you for your visit and I will show progress in my room next week. xx Maggie #21

  28. Love your desk, the tags especially...not to mention the card. Thanks for visiting earlier, sorry, you can't have my CD boxes, they are like hens teeth here....LOL. I do hope you find someone to help with your catalogue, it's a huge task....Happy crafting DeDe #16

  29. great looking desk! Love the shaped card and those tags are awesome. Here in OKlahoma we see a lot of dreamcatchers in everyday life and forget how unique they are. Hope you have a crafty week. Thanks for visiting my desk this week. Vickie aka Okienurse

  30. Super cards I can see why you were having such a great time. Thanks for visiting me this week BJ#52

  31. Love the tag! 400? Seems you have an even greater production run of your own to get through! ;)
    xoxo Sioux