Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WOYWW - a whole lot of tags.

Good morning to all the lovely people that come to visit from WOYWW (if that confuses you, go to Julia and all will become clear, just BEWARE, it is very addictive when you join WOYWW, but the most fun you will ever have). I am back at school and we hit the ground running again. No peace for the wicked they say.
My desk? A bigger mess than I thought. My beautiful granddaughter came for a sleepover last night and while I was at parents meeting at school, grandpa allowed her full reign in my play room, so this is what I found in my room this morning, little bits of paper love everywhere.
What did I do this week you ask? well,  apart from schoolwork, I did have time to print out all the tags from Just 4 Fun Crafts. She kindly posts a colour swatch for Copic markers every single day! I printed them on photo paper, cut them out with my Silhouette Cameo and laminated them. Then I put them all on rings according to colour families. A LOT of work, but now I have them all together and will add as we go along.
Have an awesome day everybody, I will be back after school to visit.


  1. Now that is a labour of love and I am sure worth all your effort. Lovely to think that your little one enjoys following in her grandmothers footsteps.
    Sandra @8

  2. It might have taken time to do, but it will save time in the future! #32

  3. I had my family visiting last week from Germany and ,like you, my desk was taken over by my little grand daughter. It's such a joy and a mess I don't mind. Hope your little one is keeping as well as mine after all their troubles!
    Jo x

  4. I bet your little grandaughter had a fab time "playing" with all your lovely crafty bits and bobs. Have a good week. x Jo

  5. Argh, photos won't enlarge! Love the cheerycolour that your GD picked to play with. And maybe it's because I'm hungry - but that looks like a small iced cake at it?! And the Copic tags - seriously impressive....not even sure where my pens are at this point, let alone a colour chart!!

  6. I'm running late with my visits today [well late for me :-) ].
    Have had a busy morning playing with the twins but they are both down for their naps now so I'm having a quick catch up with my friends :-)
    hehehe I love how you blame your GD for all the mess :-)....ok ok I believe you.
    Annie x # 38

  7. Wow I'm so impressed with your tags. Looks like your granddaughter had a great time. Peg R -13

  8. What a sweet gift of mess your granddaughter left for you ~ that's special!

  9. Let's face it, we'd ALL love to play in your room!! So good on your grandaughter!! I'm impressed you got all those tags finished...
    Hugs, LLJ 51 xx

  10. Now I believe in organization, but those tags are truly over the top. I would love to own even ONE copic, but they aren't really in my budget. I assume you have a ton of them from the tags.

    Happy WOYWW from #1. At least it's still Wednesday in my world and I'm thrilled I was finally able to fool blogger into letting me visit.

  11. great looking desk and crafting area! Love all the organization and you went above and beyond with those tags! Hope you Have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse #111

  12. A little crafter at work, brilliant. What did she create I wonder!
    What a great idea to record all your copics, it's a lot of work but I bet you find it really useful.
    Hugs Lisax #59

  13. Enjoy the pieces of love. My granddaughters recently moved 2200 miles away. Not so much love pieces here. :-( The color ring is a great idea! Creative Blessings ~ Kelly #92

  14. Hi Tertia,
    It's been so long since I visited but I'm here at last. Life's pretty crazy at my end so it's great to visit WOYWW for a crafting fix. You've certainly been busy.
    I must apologise for not replying to your lovely comment but I've only just found you in my in-box along with a few others. What is the world coming to I ask myself?
    Anyway, great to see your organised looks fabulous.
    Have a great creative week and hopefully I'll be able to contribute soon.
    Oh by the way I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to visit there's a little Hamish that your Granddaughter might like. Here's the link just in case you're interested.