Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WOYWW - Slow down!

Hallo 2014 and hallo to all of the wonderful people at WOYWW. I can not tell you how relieved I am to see the last of 2013. It was not a year that will be remembered for anything in particular in my life, but it just was not a nice year at all. I feel like I have been hit by a freight train at full speed.
I have spent the last few weeks of 2013 with my family and just relaxing, I needed that and feel my Mojo returning as we speak, It took me about a week to clean my craft room and sort out everything that just got dumped there in the last few months.
 Here you have it, my clean (well, sort of clean) desk For those of you with eagle eyes, did you spot the sewing machine covered in plastic? It was given to me by my Brother in Law. It used to belong to his mother. Its an ols Singer machine and was made in 1947. We had it serviced and it still works!! My DH is busy restoring the cabinet, hence the machine resting on my desk.
DH has been on leave too and he and his friend made this ribbon storage for me. I LOVE it! They made the one on the right a few years ago and DH then said that even I could never fill it! LOL That sounded like a challenge to me, so what could I do? I filled it to capacity and then some, so they had to make an extension! They also added storage for my punches. When they fitted it, DH said he was sure I could fill this too, but he hoped I wouldn't. ROFLMAO!
Good thing I have decided to not buy any more ribbon this year.
Have a great year everybody! I hope to stick to my decision not to say yes to so many things and to make a concerted effort to slow down and craft more!


  1. ah our intentions are always the best Tertia... wow do love the ribbon storage. How clever is that? Well done you and hubby and friend.
    Happy WOYWW. Shaz in Oz.x #2

  2. What's a challenge if you can't rise to it? Well done! Happy New Year. #11

  3. Fabulous storage.
    Happy New Year
    Karin #30

  4. Happy new Year Tertia! I agree, I would have taken that as a challenge as well. Just to prove it could be done, lol. That really is a smashing storage rack they built though, isn't it? I am with you on ribbon too- I have so much, I refuse to buy any more for at least a couple of years- hopefully the stash will have dwindled a bit by then. Have a great Wednesday, Hugs, Shaz #32 xx

  5. Love the fab new ribbon storage - well done DH! And Singer...they do go on forever, my Mom still has hers from when I was a kid, still works like a charm.

    Happy New Year WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  6. Hello and a Happy New Year. I hope it will be a better one for us both - it was not good for me either. Like you I have made some decisions about not getting so involved etc in certain things. Fabulous re the sewing machine. I was taught to sew by my grandma on a similar machine. Sadly my sister took it and has it just for show!!!! Anne x #36

  7. I am with you on the saying yes to things, well we are not going to say yes... You can come and play anytime you like, I have a massive ribbon collection too but I don't have a fancy cabinet LOL Lucky you in getting that sewing machine. Happy New Year it is going to be the best for you, believe me, stay positive.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 10

  8. Welcome to a happier 2014. Last year was up and down for me too.... Am loving your craft area, look at the Ribbons! Ooh, I want to come and play!
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

  9. You taught him well, that lovely husband...I love that he's learned to wish rather than challenge!! I deeply hope Tertia that the new year will not be as tempestuous for you as 2013 has word you've worked hard and borne some challenges so well.

  10. Happy New Year, Tertia. I do trust this year will be one that is easier for you. May God, our loving Heavenly Father, bless you with His glorious presence as you walk into 2014.
    Thanks for already visiting.
    Margaret #12

  11. Loving your space and that nifty gift. Thanks for visiting and happy New Year. Peg R

  12. Ek wens jou 'n wonderlike 2014 met hope tyd om die dinge te doen waarvoor jy so lief is.

  13. Happy New Year
    Thank you for your visit earlier - found my desk and managed to get started on some ATCs.
    Love your sewing machine, I have one similar in our loft. Used to have a treadle but it was lost in a divorce so now I've gone electric!!!
    Tell DH that's a good woodwork job done!
    Bishopsmate #44

  14. Hi Tertia, Happy New Year and WOYWW, and thanks for popping by mine today.
    The reason I am making Christmas cards, or bits for them is guilt! I didn't finish all last year and I ended up making some from a kit, and some of DH's relatives didn't get any, but then I don't have their addresses and feel guilty I didn't try ringing one of them to find out!
    My parents have my gran's old sewing machine, or they did, as an ornament. Not sure if they kept it, they had a treadle too, which Gran didn't have originally. I must ask them what happened to it, probably lost when they moved a couple of houses back.
    You are so lucky to have a DH who wants to make you things like ribbon storage, mine is a carpenter and I can't seem to get him to make me stuff like that!
    Cazzy x

    1. cazzy, my DH is a cabinet maker. I have to BUY shelves ). That just made me laugh!

  15. I forgot to say that I hope this year is better for you!

  16. Happy WOYWW. What fabulous ribbon and punch storage. Can you send your hubby over to Wales to build something for me! We found an old Singer when we were renovating the house, but one of the builders thought it was rubbish and it got buried with rubble! Ali x. #58

  17. Tertia - I think your workspace is quite tidy! Mine is hidden away in the basement. The bonus is that I don't EVER have to clean anything up...until I need the table space. Would love to see a close up of the antique sewing machine. I have an old cabinet in my living room we use as a clock pedestal. Love all things antique-y.
    Here's to a Wonderful New Year! Wishing you the best!

  18. aw! the ribbon rack is awesome better than some shops I could mention..... it would be a shame NOT to fill it . . . no really.
    I had an up and very down year too lets hope 2014 is better... no lets make it so, nothing like positive thinking is there
    janet wishing you the best for the new year

  19. I too hope 2014 doesn't appear then disappear at break neck speed! And I hope it's calmer for you also. Love the old machine, what a treat! great ribbon storage too, I'm partial to a bit of ribbon myself!

    Brenda 4

  20. LOL why do men think they can challenge us NOT to buy things Silly boys lol. Love the old sewing machines they last so long with a little TLC enjoy your new ribbon rack hugs Nikki 8
    and no it's never to early to make xmas cards :)

  21. Your room looks all neat and ready for you to get creative, Tertia! Have fun with that sewing machine! I showed my MIL's old one on WOYWW a couple of years ago and I still haven't used it on my cards. Oops. I hope you do better!

    Your DH is a keeper from the looks of that ribbon/punch holder! It's fantastic and this time there is room for you to grow, lol!

    I hope that 2014 is a very happy and healthy one for you! The Year of The No!! Happy WOYWW and thank you for coming to visit me! Hugs, Darnell #9

  22. Your table looks very tidy to me. And the old sewing machine is a brilliant find.

    Happy New Year,
    Love Rachel #23

  23. I love your ribbon holder... what a great gift! And you desk is ready and waiting for you too. Happy New Year and WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #50

  24. Tee Hee! Good Old Singer! My Treadle machine used to belong to Hubby's grandmother (second hand to her) and I still use it sometimes, specially when making curtains. I have got the date of it and I am sure it is around 100 years old!
    I am on a stash ban right now. I really need to use what I have before buying any new! cough cough! Tools and consumables are OK but not paper, ribbon or such like. We shall see ey!
    Love those cabinets.
    Happy New Year.

  25. Hi Tertia.Love that ribbon storage.great tidy.Just ready for some fun!
    Judy #16

  26. love your clean desk..happy arty 2014..I am glad that 2013 is over too as lot of illness in the family

  27. Happy New Year, Tertia! Love your ribbon storage. Thanks for visiting and happy belated WOYWW. ~ Laura #54

  28. Your space is so nice and organized. Absolutely love the ribbon storage :)

  29. Love the ribbon storage and a good clean out always sorts the mojo out. BJ#77

  30. I too have an elderly Singer machine which is still going. I had to buy a new drive belt for it last year, which cost more than the whole machine back in 1945. It belonged to my mother and is solid and reliable and I would not get rid of it for anything, although I have treated myself to any all singing, all dancing one to do more arty stuff. I had a bad 2013, and was very glad to get rid of that year. Now I need to get started on my new life in a new way. Thanks to family and good friends, I am now ready to dive in, and crafting is a big part of that. have a good 2014. xx Maggie

  31. here's to more life and less worry in 2014.
    I have an old singer too and I love it!
    thanks for visiting- never too late- and for welcoming me to your place.

  32. Neat ribbon holder. I think you could cram some more rolls on there if you tried hard enough!