Thursday, January 22, 2009

Didn't post, was hoping to calm down, Isn't happening!

I have been wanting to vent since Monday, but since I decided to choose happiness and positivity this year, I waited and waited for the anger to go away - but... not happening, still angry!
As those of you who know me, knows, Anke, my DD is a incredibly talented sportswoman. She was just chosen for the SA Water Polo team. She had a very serious knee injury last year as a result of Netball and had to have an operation that kept het from the sportsfields for 9 months.
She followed dr's orders to the letter, went to physio, gym and a bio=kinetisist. She started playing Water Polo in September last year, but had to wait till January to play Netball.
Her first game back at Netball was two weeks ago. She is still playing with an orthopedic brace.
OK, I promise I will get to the point! This Monday she goes to the indoor Arena in Benoni to play 3 games. First game went off without a hitch. Second game comes and her opponent is a long time rival. The two of them are very equally matched and Anke actually loves playing against her, because she finds it a challenge. They play and as usual it is not an easy game for either of them. Difference is, since Ankie's injury this girl was pretty much queen of the court and she is not used to working hard for every ball. Then it starts, she starts playing dirty. Now, don't get me wrong, my child is no pushover. The harder this girl plays, the harder Anke plays. Half time comes and when they walk back on the court, the girl turns around and says to my child (loud enough for everybody, including the umpires to hear): "I am going to take you out!"
She then proceeds to trip my child. The umpire smiles and gives the ball to Ankie's team. Then. Anke jumps in the air to intercept a ball, gets to the ball, catches the ball beautifully, but when she comes down, this girl has purposefully moved in under her. She bends down and when Ankie lands on top of her, she stands up and flings my child onto the ground on the injured knee!
As if that is not enough, she turns around, laughs at Anke who is crying from pain, and says:" I told you I am going to take you out!"
The umpire stands there laughing! I am so angry, I can chew bricks! My child can not afford to be injured now just as she has been chosen to represent South Africa in Water Polo! When I went to the Arena owner to complain, I was told that this was not the first complaint about this girl!!! Why is she still allowed to play?
Anke started playing Netball at the age of 7 and she is 21. In all those years I have never complained about anything, because I realise that every sport has its injuries and that accidents happen, but this is just not on!
You have to wonder how some parents raise their children? I have always told mine that if you love a game and you have skill, there is NO need, NOT EVER to play dirty! I thought that all parents felt the same way.

OK! Vent over. Good news is, that the brace did protect her from serious injury and that it is only a slightly stretched muscle!

This is such a small thing compared to the worries of some of my friends. Please remember my cyber friends in your prayers. One has just gone for a biopsy for her breast and another's SIL just lost his business and her DD is pregnant. Please pray for good news from the biopsy and a good job for the young man and his family.

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  1. I can imagine how cross you must have been. Why oh why do parents have to bring their kids up being nasty, it really beats me... Thank God she wasn't hurt badly....
    I pray for Kim's family too :) Love and Hugs