Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lessons learned from and random conversations with a 4 year old

This is my other grand daughter, Hannah. I am the luckiest granny alive, because Hannah and I go to the same school, which means that I get to see her every day. I fetch her every morning before school and drop her off at home every afternoon. The times we spend together in the car are some of my most precious memories. This is where we have long conversations about the most random topics.
One Monday morning as we got school and we were walking to her classroom, she was holding my hand and skipping away. I was a little bit irritated (It was Monday after all, and we had a whole week of school ahead of us!) and asked her why she was skipping around so much that morning. Her answer stopped me dead in my tracks: "Ag ouma, my feet are just so happy to go to school!" A valuable lesson taught by a 4 year old - it doesn't help to drag youself to school, why not have 'happy feet' instead? I have tried really hard since that day to change the way I feel about getting up and going to work and you know what? Work suddenly became a lot more pleasant.

On another occasion as we were driving home from school, the following question came from the back seat: "Ouma, does God make people?' Then followed the most amazing conversation.
"Yes Hannah", a bit of silence, she was obviously thinking about that.
"Does He make everybody ouma?"
"Yes Hannah, God makes every single person"
"Oh" Alonger silence and then this gem.
"Ouma. What do the doctors do then, do they just stir us?"
Logical question don't you think?

A few weeks later, after she had time to digest all of that, came the following:
"Mommy, where does He start?"
"What are you talking about Hannah?"
"I want to know where He starts."
Mommy doesn't know what she is on about and takes the safe route. "I don't know Hannah. Where do you think He starts?"
"I think He starts with the toes first, then your legs and then your body."
By now I knew exactly what she was talking about and chipped in. "Hannah, I think He actually starts with your heart."
"No ouma, He can't do that, because then your body will be broken!" He first has to make the body BEFORE he puts the heart in!"
Who can argue with that much logic?
I hope that in the years to come we will have many more comversations like this and that she never stops wondering and thinking about such amazing things!

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  1. Ah Teria this is so precious... I love the way children think !!!