Friday, January 2, 2009

Hope 2009 ends better than it started!

This beautiful little face belongs to my precious granddaughter, Tertia-Lee. She is 2 years old and was admitted to hospital on the 1st of January because she just would not stop vomiting.
I am so angry I could spit. My DD took her to a hospital close to their home early that morning, but was told by a receptionist that she didn't look that sick to her and that they were too busy to treat her anyway. DD must go home and wait till later that evening and if she is still vomiting, she must feel free to come back. Can you believe it?!!!
As they got home little one started all over again. Thank God DD had the presence of mind to go to another hospital. They gave baby one look and immediately admitted her for the rest of the day and overnight. She was put on a drip and blood tests revealed a severe case of Gastro.
The dr. at the second hospital could not believe her ears when DD told her what happened at the other hospital and said that baby could have died from dehydration if she came an hour later.
Thank goodness all worked out fine in the end. Little one is back home, safe and sound. Still a little pale and scared to eat, but looking a lot better!
On a lighter note, the picture was taken on Christmas day. She is wearing a dress that I made. My first time smocking, but it didn't turn out too bad, did it?


  1. That smocking is gorgeous, as is your GDD, such a little cutie, I'm so glad she is feeling better and on the mend.

    Love your ornament drop picks and those stationery gift sets are lovely!!

    You have been a busy bee!!

  2. I love the smocking, you are so clevr! Glad your Granddaughter is better now. What are Copics, and where do you get them?

  3. Copics are like permanent markers, just better and more colours. I buy mine at my local art shop. You buy them as singles, but they can be a little hard to find.
    Try reading this blog. This woman is an absolute artist with Copics and she gives invaluable advice!
    Hope that helped

  4. Terta ,your blog is gorgeous... Hope your little granddaughter gets better soon...