Friday, January 9, 2009

Who wants pumpkin?

This is my DS, Juan, harvesting his first pumpkin of the year. Since he was a little boy of 4 or 5 he has always had a vegetable garden. It seems like everything he plants, just grows. These Hubbard Squashes were nearly swept away in a terrible rainstorm we had, they were hit by hail and yet, he still managed to grow amazing pumpkins. This one weighs 3.8 kilo's and he is like a father that has just had his first son. The stupid pumpkin is on display in my entrance hall for goodness sake!

He hates photographs and yet, I was told to fetch the camera and take pictures to document this momentous occasion! He even told me to please put it in my blog, so please ladies leave him a comment and tell him his pumpkin is the best pumkin you have ever seen! LOL

He even told me he would pose for any photo I wanted if I promise to scrap the pumpkin. My DH took him to the local Supermarket to have it weighed and the owner told him that he would buy his crop from hin if he wanted to go into farming. The upside is that I got really nice pictures to scrap, so watch this space, you might just see a first ever. A LO dedicated to the relationship between a man and his pumpkin!

I scrapped today, but with this photoshoot I haven't had time to take pictures, will try tomorrow.

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  1. Such Cool pic's ... nice Pumpkins Juan, nice photo too :)