Friday, September 10, 2010

Cupcakes by the dozen.

Here they are - all those cup cakes I had to bake for DD. Took me forever to make all the toppers. Thank goodness for my Cricut expression. If I had to punch all those circles I would have screamed! I tried to take a photo of all the boxes, but I think I missed one. Can you tell which box is the one DH helped pack? It really worries me, but he felt sorry for me and helped pack out of the goodness of his heart, so I can't very well repack them, it will hurt his feelings. AND ... It really does not change life as we know it if they are not packed in perfect little rows with all the toppers facing one way, now does it?
I was going to do the whole artistic photo of some of them, but DD was in a hurry (she still had to go home and prepare a lesson for today and write thank you notes and and and...) So this is the closest I got before she grabbed them all and ran out the door.
Hope the teachers like them. Actually, I know they will like them, teachers are like vultures when it comes to cake ( I am a teacher remember, I know about these things. LOL) I hope there are enough.
Going to register for the Convention today. I will be MIA this weekend. I will still be creating though. From 8 till 18h00 I will be Scrapping at the Convention. If I have any energy left when I get home I will show you what we were doing, otherwise I will see you all next week. Have a fantastic weekend everybody.


  1. WOW they look fabulous,hmmmm I am liking the sound of cake right now too!!!

  2. Your cupcakes look stunning as well as the toppers. Well done, you are so talented Tersia. Love seeing what you have to share with us. Enjoy the Convention.

  3. Wow Tertia, you must have been baking and frosting for a week... that is one BIG lot of cupcakes and they all look scrummy!! LOL at the DH basket... they just don't get it, do they? It would drive me mad to see them all higglety pigglety but like you, I would have to leave them as he was 'helping'.... but then maybe not... DH sometimes 'helps' me make the bed and I have to re-do the darn thing, I can't stand it all crumpled looking!!

  4. neatly packed ones are obviously packed by your DH;-D

    I am green with envy about Hobby EX...enjoy every moment my friend.

  5. great looking cuppies:)
    enjoy your convention, aghhh!!! wish i could go;)