Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Good morning everybody! Its 1 minute past 6 in the morning here in sunny South Africa. The sun is up, the birds are singing and I am already posting. LOL I walked into my craftroom this morning to pack up for school and thought you would like to see what I have been up to.
My craftroom is the only place in the house where I get left alone to do my thing - I think DH is scared that he might catch the crafting bug if he ventures in there, so he only comes in there in an emergency (you know, one like: Have you seen my blue pants?)
Anyway, apart from crafting, I also do most of my marking (grading for those of you in the US) in there. Last night was no exception. Had to mark comprehentions. This is what I found in my room this morning.
My Copics next to my marking? No, I do not mark in rainbow colours - although.... that might be an idea. I was sitting there, marking away like a good teacher should, when I started hearing voices. They were saying things like: 'when are you going to colour me?' and 'don't you think that stamp would look good if you colour it green?' Now, what is a girl to do? I just had to colour a 'liitle' bit inbetween, didn't I? If you look closely, you will see my Cricut Expression in the background, ready to spring into action whenever I need him.
Here is another angle of my desk. You can also see my Copics more clearly and yes, the two middle parts are full of Stickles and my refills. I don't have refills yet for all the colours I own, but I am working on that slowly. You can also see the little orange metal buckets that hold my scissors (does any of you also own that many?) I never knew just how many pairs of scissors I had untill they were all in one place. There is another one for all my adhesives and another for all my go to pens and pencils. Behind that is my tote that holds my rulers (why do I need 25?), my foam squares and my pliars. (well actually my DH's pliars, but if you don't tell, I won't either.)
Pop over to ( ) to see what everybody else's desks look like today and while you are there, why don't you join in?
Have a great day evryone, I hope to have time to post later, but I can't promise anything. I have to run a few errand for DH and its my son in law's birthday, so we were invited for supper.


  1. Now who would be able to concentrate on marking with all that yummyness around...seriously;-D

  2. I'm sure a bit of colouring makes the marking go quicker :-)
    A x

  3. Scissors, yes, 25 rulers - not so sure! I like your white basket, it looks lovely!

  4. oh wow I LOVE your white basket of copics! I am having so much copic envy today with all you woywwer's, there are so many!

    hugs mandyx

  5. Yes girlfriend, I have scissors aplenty too - although I only have 1 ruler. It's probably a teacher thing! Happy to hear the Copics talk toyou - for me it's the stamps. I do the old 'I'lljust do 10 minutes of the chore and then 10 minutes of the nice thing..' and so on. Doesn't work!

  6. A girl can never have enough shoes & bags.... and a crafter can never have enough scissors & other crafting goodies Lol.

    My friend just returned from South Africa, shall be catching up with her next week xx

  7. love all this copic markers, I am a bit late this week, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

  8. Fab workspace, not sure how many pairs of scissors are in your bucket, but off the top of my head I have 7 pairs in my stash. Your copic colletion looks fab in the white basket and very well organised.

  9. What a lot of pens! Looks like you use them beautifully too!

  10. I love that white basket in the right of the picture and I think my Sister has as many scissors as you...hope that makes you feel better.

    Be kind to you students when you mark that homework!!


  11. Yep, I have more scissors than I can count, although most of them are dull as dirt. I also have several rulers in various increments. I, however, have NO copics or even any stickles. Lovely post. Happy belated WOYWW.

  12. Every Crafter realizes that once they oraganize their space I have at least 4 scissors on the go and that's not including the ones stashed around the house

  13. Great basket of copics there, very jealous of those. What a great crafr room you have - and such a big table, brill!

    Sorry I'm late, it's taking me a while to get round all the desks!